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Cash & Loan


Fastest and Most Cost Effective

If you decide to move forward with a cash purchase, you can streamline the process and reduce the total time required for a solar project.

By avoiding interest rates and other third-party expenses, you ensure the greatest savings on your solar investment. With your solar system, you will be able to recoup your investment within 5-7 years.

Furthermore, you will own your solar system outright and be able to take advantage of Federal Tax Credits!

PACE Financing
allows your property value to increase
PACE Financing is a way to repay your energy efficient upgrades through your property taxes. The increase in your property taxes will go towards repayment of these upgrades through incremental increases. You have 5 to 20 year term options should you choose to go this route.
PACE Financing
loans from $5,000 up to 10% of your property value
Your first payment is due when you normally pay your property taxes. This can be up to 18 months out. A few benefits of this type of financing include: 100% financing with $0 due at signing, deductible tax interest, the loan is not attached to your credit, and the loan is transferable when you sell your home.


Do you need help?

We offer a variety of financing options through Sungage Financial and various credit unions. They will be able to help you finance your solar system with $0 down, low interest rates and various financing term options.


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