When given the opportunity to purchase, many options are available.
Decisions can be made based on manufacturer based on name recognition, ecological responsibility of panel creation and disposal plans, or efficiency and relative size of the system itself.


When purchasing a solar power system, you are not only utilizing clean energy and saving on your electricity expenditures, you are also increasing your property value and marketability.

“Buyers were willing to pay $15,000 more for a home with the average-size solar [PV] system (3.6 kilowatts), or about four additional dollars per watt of solar power” – Solar Power World


The electricity produced from your solar system directly fulfills your usage needs, rather than being regulated by a third party utility company. As a homeowner, you also gain the ability to sell your property with added marketability of the attached system, rather than an added liability of transferring a leased product or paying fees involved with ending a lease agreement.

Financial Benefits

Home solar power system owners are entitled to the full Federal Tax Incentive Credit (30%) of the system’s purchase price. With an accurately sized system your utility company will purchase overproduced solar energy based on a 12-month period average.

Simple maintenance

A light rinse or wiping of accumulated dust and debris a few times a year.

“Stay tuned for next week’s article, discussing how Net Energy Metering works.

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