Are you a tenant who wishes to use clean energy and save on energy bills?


Do you own a rental property and want to invest in clean energy, but worried about the costs involved?

If either of the above applies to you, this article will provide the information that will assist in your desire to go green.

As a tenant in a household or apartment complex that is generating solar energy, you benefit from stable and predictable electricity costs which can be added to your monthly rental costs rather than paying a separate utility bill with rising rates.

As a landlord, owning a solar panel system located at a rental property includes tax benefits such as MACRS (a Californian tax depreciation system) and the federal 30% tax incentive credit of solar system cost. Monitoring and adding your tenant’s electricity usage as a line item in their monthly rental fees can also be a financial benefit to not only yourself, but to renters also.

The monitoring system currently utilized by all Solar System, Inc. solar installations can include a metering device discretely inside the inverter component itself. Allowing online access to system production and electricity usage without the assistance of an additional service price or using additional wall space.

Stay tuned for our next article discussing solar energy in California

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