Dust and Debris

Every 3 months, (safely) visually check the accumulation of dust and other debris on the solar array, rinsing off excess piles or layers with a standard water hose. Make sure when rinsing to do so only in the early morning or late evening to avoid splashing cold water onto hot glass. If the solar panels need more than a quick rinse, the use of a non-metal sponge and hose-water to rub off any stuck on debris with be the necessary method to optimize the solar input of your system.

Structural Integrity

An annual visual account of the mounting frame and bolts to make sure they are void of rust, and continue to be firmly secured. The junction boxes should also be free of any damage caused by rodents or insects.


Be sure to minimize dust accumulation on the inverter unit, wiping with a dry cloth when needed.

Stay tuned for our next article, discussing the dangers of signing a solar lease or PPA.

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