In a 2014 National Appraisal Survey, 12% of prospective home buyers considered solar either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ and as the global interests in renewable energies increase, the percentage can only rise.

According to a collaborative study between Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory Research and Adomatis Appraisal Service, comparing homeowner purchased solar power systems versus leased systems, the difference in real estate marketability is substantial.


Owning your household solar panel system provides not only the ability to save on electricity usage, but also provides agency to sell your property without the headache of transference of lease or PPA contracts. Once the solar power system is installed, the owner is also capable of avoiding regulation in solar electricity use, without increasing annual rates.


Leasing or entering a PPA contract adds an additional third party utility company with increasing annual rates for prospective home buyers to consider. The complicated nature of transference policies related to the lease and PPA contracts also add another hurdle that can involve early termination fees, and loss of marketability of the property. add-to-home-values-lbnl-research-shows/409638/

Stay tuned for our next article, discussing the simple maintenance of solar systems.

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