What products are included in a solar system?

A solar electric system includes: solar panels, railing and bracketing equipment, an inverter that converts solar energy to electricity, and a gateway that will communicate the system production to an online monitoring account.

What can I do if I am a member of an HOA?

Solar System, Inc. will contact your HOA representative and assist in completing the application process with you. Any engineering product information needed will be made available in order to make the process of approval as efficient as possible.

How is system production monitored?

The inverter manufacturers that we carry offer online real-time monitoring of your system. After installation you will be able to sign into your system’s account and watch day-to-day and even weekly/monthly production.

What part of my roof is the best spot for solar panels?

In order to decipher the best location to install the panels we schedule a roof survey for each new client. The roof survey consists of precise measurements and pictures that will allow our engineers to correctly create installation plans that comply to city/county building and electrical codes.

What should I know about solar energy?

Solar is a renewable energy source derived from sunrays. A solar system uses the sunrays to create kilowatts which can be used in lieu of current electricity purchased through third party companies.

What is the impact on my property tax?

There is no impact on property tax in the state of California.

What happens at night, during poor weather, power outage, or system failure?

During moments of low availability of solar energy, your electricity needs will be automatically covered by PG&E or your local utility company. However, battery storage is a good alternative.

We don’t own the property on/in which we operate. Can we still go solar?

Permission to add the product on the roof would have to be provided through the landlord.

How does the system store extra kilowatts?

Extra kilowatts generated by your solar system may be purchased by PG&E or your local utility provider.

What are the maintenance needs of the system?

Maintenance is a simple process involving clearing of excess dust and debris using a standard water hose every 3 months or when needed.

How does the installation impact my roof?

Your installation will be completed by licensed professionals and the area directly around the solar system is covered by warranty.

What kind of county/city permits will I need?

The building and electrical permits will be obtained for you, at no extra fee.