From San Jose to all across the Bay Area

So why Solar System, Inc.? Solar System, Inc. understands that you have a choice when selecting who will do your solar installation. We know you want to protect your most valuable asset – your home and your business. We use the most advanced hardware and technology available today to give you the best in what the solar industry has to offer.

Free Solar Financing

If you qualify for financing, Solar System, Inc. will offer a monthly payment plan that matches your current electricity bill or in most cases, will lower it by 20% or more.


Ensuring quality of our products and workmanship is our top priority. From our office team to our installation team, we take care of all your solar needs from the paperwork to the installation of your system. We are dedicated to bringing you only the finest in quality solar products.


Solar System, Inc. will go the extra mile to ensure that there won’t be any issues occurring from your solar powered system. In case any issues do occur, we offer the longest warranty available for our clients – up to 25 years on our products, 20 years on system performance, and 10 years on our workmanship.

Excellent Service

Solar System, Inc. is committed to providing you with professional service. We are here to answer all your questions via phone or email. With each unique system, our clients will receive a customized design tailored to their individual energy needs. We also keep you updated along every step of the way and will accommodate your busy schedule if needed. Call us any time if you have questions or concerns.