Solar System, Inc. works hard to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering the most extensive warranties in the solar industry. We want you to feel secure in knowing that your system is protected and your investment in a greener future is made with the ease of this protection in mind. 


Solar System, Inc. Warranties

Solar System, Inc. only uses the highest quality solar panels from the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers. Most of our solar panel manufacturers offer warranties guaranteeing energy production from their panels for 25 years. (Solar System, Inc. is not responsible for things beyond our control such as a manufacturer going out of business or otherwise failing to perform.)

Warranty Details

Panel/Module Warranty: 25 years
Inverter Warranty: 25 years
System Performance Warranty: 25 years
Workmanship Gaurantee: 25 years
System Maintenance: General maintenance is simple brushing and rinsing of dust and debris buildup of panel surfaces (available and recommended twice a year if interested)