Save Money

It Costs Less Than You Think!

You can save money AND put $0 down to have lower energy bills when you install a solar system with Solar System, Inc.!

Solar Electricity

We offer $0 down financing options. With Solar System, solar loans and PACE financing are all available today, making it easy to save money. You will pay less for your loan than you pay your utility company today for the same electricity!

Lowering your energy bills on top of $0 down due at signing are just a few of the ways you can save money. Take a look below at how much you could save over a period of 25 years. If you pay $200 per month in electricity costs, you can own a system for less than $27k – that’s a net cost of less than $19k after the federal tax credit. When compared to your utility bills over the course of 20 years, thats a savings of almost $65K on your electricity bill! Ask us for more details regarding your specific bill.