Client Portfolios

San Jose, CA - This homeowner spent roughly $200 per month on their electric bill. After a long research, and newly gained knowledge about solar panels they knew exactly what they wanted. LG modules, easy monitoring profile and they wanted a system size that is at least 6.0 kW. Nowadays the Nguyen’s are paying $10 per month on electric bill and are even thinking of investing an electric vehicle. The homeowners are very happy with the install that they have become a true Solar System, Inc. advocate in their neighborhood.
San Jose, CA - Most homeowners would love to save the money they spend on electricity every month and the Quach Residence are no exception. We made sure that the panels are located where they prefer it to be, and we agree with their decision. This 6.12 kW system is enough, if not more, than a family needs who spends about $130 per month on their electric bill. The modules are LG 340 Neon, with a SolarEdge Inverter that is located on the side of the house and additional EV outlet installed for an EV ready home.
Gilroy, CA - Trust from our customers is what we aim for, so when we got a call from the Nguyen’s to install at their second home we were elated. The Nguyen’s wanted to maximize the roof space that they have and maximize we did. This homeowner knew exactly what they wanted from the LG 350 modules, SolarEdge inverter and system size (7.0 kW), which made this project as seamless as possible.
San Jose, CA - Being that the system is in front of the house, the To Residence’s system must be aesthetically pleasing. They had plenty of Southern facing roof space which is the best thing a home can ask for when installing solar panels. With 25 Panasonic 330 panels, a total of 8.25 kW system we know that the To’s EV ready home will have a sustainable future.
Fremont, CA - We love it when homeowners don’t mind that the system is in front of their house. It’s a great reminder of one of the best decisions they ever made: renewable energy and cost-effective system. The panels are LG 335 with a total of 7.37 kW, SolarEdge Inverter which is located conveniently on the side of the home.
San Jose, CA - The Khuu’s purchased this home in San Jose in 2002 and what a way to top off a luxury home with a 20.1 kW solar system. One thing that the homeowner knew they wanted is to monitor their system online, so with SolarEdge Monitoring Profile they can check on their system with a desktop computer or conveniently on their phone. The homeowner wanted a system that would leave them a more substantial electric bill, something that will remove them from the highest tier pricing and a system that will give them the highest return on investment.
San Jose, CA - The homeowner wanted to maximize their roof space with less expensive modules that still have the same great production. So we came up with 34 Mitsubishi 280 panels and a total of 9.23 kW system, and a SolarEdge Monitoring Profile that they can conveniently check through the mobile app.