About Us

About Solar System Inc

Solar System, Inc. opened in 2015 to bring transparency to the solar industry. The company’s focus is catering to the best interests of our customers, empowering them to benefit from increased property value and dependence from annually rising utility bills by owning rather than leasing.

The two most important concerns in providing customers with solar system information is transparency and honesty. Too many solar system exchanges are financially damaging in the long run due to lease or PPA contracts. Solar System, Inc. is determined to save our clients time and effort by providing informative articles based on current solar industry and sustainability research.

What We Strive For

Offering customers with solar system ownership options based on their household needs and respecting their agency as homeowners about to increase both liquid and fixed assets through renewable energy. A main concern is to bring transparency to the Bay Area solar industry regarding system size needed, price of purchase, and financial benefits available. Solar System, Inc. representatives are available through email, phone call, and in person to best fit our customers’ schedules. Each new customer receives a free proposal and survey to assist in determining the most reliable and cost-efficient equipment to cover energy usage needs. The solar system chosen includes free installation and $0 down at signing to avoid costly start up fees. From day one you own the solar system providing your home with eco-friendly energy system along with the financial benefits of utility bill savings and increased property value.

Why Choose Us?

Solar System, Inc.’s promise to our customers is to provide reliable and sustainable solar energy system options. Offering the best warrantees in the industry, along with efficient and high quality solar system products from respectable manufacturers. Helping our fellow Bay Area community members go green and save money along the way.

Solar System uses SolarEdge inverters as they are the industry leading in efficiency and reliability. Instead of the usual industry standard warranty of 10 years, we provide a product warranty of 25 years. These inverters are locally designed here in the bay area and are state of the art when it comes to quality and performance.

Learn more about the inverters we use at: http://www.solaredge.us/

All of our panels come with a 20 year performance warranty. This warranty covers replacement if the product is not performing up to standards. We also provide a 15 year warranty covering the installation itself.

Performance Guarantee

We provide a 20 year performance guarantee. If for some reason your panel or inverter is not operating up to par, contact us and we’ll schedule one of our contractors to inspect your system.

Workmanship Warranty

We have a workmanship warranty of 15 years, as compared to the industry standard 10 years. Any damages that may be caused to your roof as the result of the installation will be covered by us. This is designed to assure you that we take pride in our work and will always stand behind it.


Quality assurance is our top priority. By utilizing top-of-the-line manufacturers, our team strives to install the highest quality solar products. This provides you a reliable, safe, and smart solar energy system. We offer all available options the industry has to offer so you can make the best decision.