1. Reasoning for going green
  2. There might be one or a combination of reasons to use solar energy. Using a sustainable energy source will make your household more eco-friendly. Owning your solar power system will not only save money on electricity usage, but also increase property value.

  3. Financial Incentives available
  4. Using solar energy will increase not only your property value, but also gain you federal tax credits along with state and county specific rebates. These incentives are used to increase renewable energy sources sites across the US.

  5. Know what you are signing
  6. The most important aspect of adding a solar panel system to your household is to read the contract in its entirety. Familiarize yourself with the amount and structure of the new monthly payments. Learn about what the warranties and guarantees outline. Find out what options are available if you decide to sell your house.

  7. Correct sizing of system
  8. In deciding the system size needed to cover your energy needs, compare the average of last 12-month utility records to system size annual output. Also be aware of any foreseeable changes in usage.

  9. Utility bill changes
  10. As a home solar panel system user, your utility company will automatically register your account with the Net Energy Metering; a 12-month measurement of average solar energy production versus household usage.

  11. Options in products
  12. The decision is yours to make. Whether you are curious about differences between owning versus leasing, or what size system would be most beneficial to your specific needs. Especially as a member of the Bay Area community, you have many options of efficiency, pricing, and aesthetics.

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Ownership is Beneficial

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